Bloom can help you with almost any homeschool task. If we haven’t thought of it yet, please let us know. We’ll see what we can do about it.

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Transcripts/Report Cards/Progress Reports:

Bloom can convert your homeschool courses into a professional transcript document, report card or progress report.

Official sealed transcripts may be directly mailed to colleges and other recipients through a transcript service.

Lesson Planning:

Bloom can create editable weekly lesson planning templates for your customized education plan. These plans are also useful as an official record of school days attended and activities accomplished.


Bloom can create customized annual grade book templates for easy recording of tests, classwork, and subjective components such as attitude, effort and completion. Bloom evaluators can assess your child’s work upon request or on a set schedule. We can also create rubrics and templates to simplify grading objectivity for you.

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